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Seasonal Plant Care Guide - Part 1

Tips for Thriving Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Welcome back, Plant Guardians!

Spring’s almost here, and we know that caring for your green companions is akin to scaling a mountain- requiring thoughtful attention to every detail impacting their growth. We applaud your dedication to nurturing your plant babies. As winter fades and summer approaches, many plant parents ponder the challenges of the season and its impact on their cherished buds.

Considering your woes, we have divided our latest blog into two parts: with the first focusing on the step-by-step care of your little beauties who prefer it inside or the indoor plants, and the next one on the wild beauties who prefer the freeing air of your terrace or garden. 

So then, what can we do to keep our little beauties who live indoors healthy and bountiful!? To start with, it is essential that no matter the type, your little monsters require certain basics that are pivotal for their existence, growth, and flourishing future: 

1. Hydrate for Happiness

Water your little buds every day (some days even twice), especially in hot and drier weather, to quench their thirst. Your potted babies can not pull water out of soil for long, as they are not directly connected to the ground. Hence, watering is essential to keep the water table balanced for them. Remember, it is preferable to water them early in the morning and later in the evening, to support them through the day and not let them feel parched. This is essential to reduce steam formation leading to water loss and dehydration, and in severe cases, a heat stroke!

2. Let the Sunshine In

Vitamin D is essential for all; then why let these little saplings shy away from it? It may be harsh at times, but we have our ways at Ropan, to make it comfortable. We suggest you put them in a comfortable corner or a window pane that has direct sunlight for a few hours. The more the sunlight, the more food they get, the healthier they become! A little ray would take them far, contributing to their needs of a balanced diet.

3. Fresh Air All the Way

Let them out occasionally! At, we encourage our plant parents to use as much fresh air as they can permit to their plants and let them taste the freedom and serenity of a clear, endless sky. Fresh air also allows them to interact with bees and butterflies, and enjoy the little pleasures of life.

4. Potted to Perfection

Sometimes, a shallow or too deep pot can not be only what your little buddy needs. Rather, understanding their needs is what we as plant parents do best, and this helps nurture our nature-given baby. You can choose to consult our in-house gardener team (Ropan Buddy) or visit our nursery, to assess if your little ones need a new pot or some additional help. 

5. Fertilise your Green Gems

We all need our vitamins from time to time, then why forget our little green angels? They too need additional elements, to sustain their growth and lustre. These may not be present in the soil that you give to them, or this may erode over a period of time. Hence, a little fertilizer and manure on regular terms will be great for your plants, to give them the essential nutrients for sustenance. If you are unable to analyse the plant's needs, reach out to us for help.

6. Clubbing is Fun

Don’t leave your little green babies alone in the corner, rather, form a close bunch of alike greens. They like company and flourish better in the surroundings, with their friends. Also, if your plant kiddo is feeling lonely, come pick his best buddies at our nursery, or order them online.

Let's start small, and stay tuned to this space for our next blog for the outdoorsy plants!

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