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About Us

We are a bunch of enthusiastic, plant loving professionals with a unified vision: to make green impact on our blue planet! Every plant delivered to our remarkable community of clients is a promise of self-fulfilment. Ropan is a one-stop shop for all things plants! We are here to landscape you a green space that bring you contentment and tranquility. With our #GreenIndiaInitiative, we aim to transform urban concrete forests into serene, balanced ecosystems; for we believe that when you "sow a seed, you sow hope".

Nurture Green, Breathe Green!

"A positive-impact venture

to take you on a blooming quest

of finding your


Image by Alena Ganzhela

There is a wonderful connection between humans and the physical realm- Nature. As the name suggests, the word “Ropan” stands for the act of “planting” in Hindi.


At Ropan, we understand that it is up to us as individuals to recognise the significance of climate change and instil better and healthier lifestyle habits.

We firmly believe in connecting to our roots! Since humans evolved on earth amongst the greenery, it is no wonder they make us feel at home.

Our Vision

Plants not only provide oxygenated clean air for city dwellers to breathe, but they also improve our mood and promote productivity by absorbing toxins in the environment.

Therefore, we encourage individuals, to add to the green factor in any and all ways possible to build a better ecosystem.

Each of us can make a positive difference by cultivating plant life to create a better present and future!



Ropan Nursery, Sector 76,

Noida - 201301

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