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Seasonal Plant Care Guide

 Tips for Thriving Indoor and Outdoor Gardening- Part 2


Let’s go outdoors-y, plant parents!!

The summers are particularly stringent in our country, and last way longer than needed (popular opinion?) In this time, as plant parents, our responsibility entails proper basic care to our plant babies, ensuring their health and sanity. While most of us ensure rudimentary necessities of our buddies in green, let's make an endeavour to help them flourish, by going through a few knowns and a few unknowns.

1. Water me Intrigued

Add a consistency to your routine of watering them at least once a day, in case of direct sunlight, and once in two days for the shade-loving ones. Water in early evenings and late evenings to avoid evaporation while increasing the water retention, to avoid burning of the plants. Furthermore, water closer to the root and avoid wetting the leaves; though you should give them a slight clean on and off, for freshness.

2. Munch on Mulch

Mulch helps retain water and protects the soil from erosion, drying out or heating up. Moreover, organic mulch also works to add nutrients to the soil as it breaks down, leveraging the plant’s well-being and sustenance.

3. Prep the Soil

Always mix sand and soil with coco peat and mulch, to give it the extra edge for survival. This also ensures the plants’ water retention capacity and avoids drying and hardening of the soil.

4. Shady at Times

Don’t let your plants wither away in the harsh summer sun. Provide for a shaded or guarded sun exposure as the direct rays of the mid-afternoon sun burns their leaves and leaves them dehydrated. In fact, your plant baby takes after you in this aspect!

5. Humid(e)ity

Higher the humidity in your plant fortress, higher is the survival and prosperity of your little munchkins. Build them a small castle of green cloth, their own escape from the hustle bustle of the society. For more visual inputs, visit our nursery near you at, and let us help you.

6. Fertilize-Me-Not

Avoid fertilizing your little ones during the summer, as the nitrogen content often adversely affects the little babies, sometimes burning them. Adding manure is also strictly advisable only after a plant doctor recommendation from your plant care expert.

7. Redact Repotting

Summers are as it is a harsh season for the little ones, with all the heat and pollution keeping them awake at night. Do not add to the stress of repotting them during summers; rather, let them be. It is always best to repot during the rains, due to better environmental conditions and humidity. In case you're looking for a new plant bed, just place them with the pot at first, or let our plant expert assist you.

8. Pruning is a BIG NO

Summer plants need their leaves to protect their bark and stem, like you need your hat or umbrella. Avoid exposing them to the heat by taking away their only filter. Pruning is fantastic in rains, but avoided in extreme weather conditions as it adds to the plants stress.

9. Stress over Plant Distress

In case of shedding too many leaves or burning or dehydration, recognise the plants’ need. It is not mandatory that you become an expert overnight, rather, let our experts guide you towards it steadily. We are here at Ropan, to help you get accustomed to your plant baby needs and vaccines and medication along the way.

Like us, the plants also go through flu and viral infections- it's normal and can be treated. Do not abandon them just for that. Stick to them when they need you in their vulnerable state, and look at the wonders they bring to your life and health with just their presence over the years. understands your needs and the needs of your little ones in green: let us help you out and your smiles are our biggest reward!

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