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The beautiful Schefflera is a native Taiwan plant that is most popularly known as the dwarf umbrella because of its small umbrella tree shape. Biologically speaking these evergreen flowering shrubs is about 9 meters tall in its full bloom of an adult life and loves to cling to the trunk of near-by trees for support. Unlike other plants, the Scheflera leaves for a umbrella like bunch giving it its native structure, shape, name and beauty.

Most schefflera is a delight to the nursery or online nursery as they sell out in a jiffy because of their unique shape and beauty. The ropan or plantation of these babies is extremely effortless; all they primarily need is a quiet corner of your abode to make it their own. But, please keep them away from household pets as they might be dangerous for them due to their tendencies to cause allergic reactions.

Soil: Peat based potting mix.

Maintenance: Schefflera should be watered moderately. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between each watering. Spray the plant frequently with luke warm water if the air is too dry.Fertilize the plant from spring to autumn.

Type: Indoor

Sunlight: Medium Light/Bright Indirect Light


Rs. 250.00
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