Rajnigandha (Double White)

Rs. 120.00

Rajnigandha (Double White)

Rs. 120.00
Product description

Rajnigandha is a perennial plant which is known for its aromatic smell. Rajnigandha is a nocturnal plant, which means that its flowers bloom at night. This plant is famous for the lovely white, elongated flowers that it develops as it matures. These flowers are tubular in shape and usually have six petals when fully developed.

When planting this plant, the first thing you need to decide is placement, where Rajnigandha will receive enough sunlight and warmth to thrive. As for the soil, Rajnigandha needs well-drained and highly nutritious soil.

TYPE: Outdoor

SUNLIGHT: Full Sun Exposure

Rajnigandha (Double White)

Rs. 120.00
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