Bleeding Heart Vine

Rs. 300.00

Bleeding Heart Vine

Rs. 300.00
Product description

Clerodendrum thomsoniae, also known as the Bleeding Heart Vine is a twining evergreen from tropical west Africa. The common name comes from the flowers which look like a drop of red blood exuding from the heart-shaped calyx. Regardless of its true identity, this is a spectacular plant when in flower. The small, slightly flat flowers have inflated, balloon-like white calyxes from which emerge brilliant crimson or dark red corollas with prominent stamens and style (the elongated part of the pistil) that extend way beyond the petals. The flowers last several months, although the red corolla is short-lived. As they age, the flowers turn from white to pale pink or lavender, then eventually become tan as they dry up.

This plant needs direct sun in order to bloom well; a sunny window may be sufficient if you don’t move the container outdoors for the season. Water and fertilize regularly when actively growing. Use a rich but well-drained potting medium and keep moist but not wet.

TYPE: Outdoor

SUNLIGHT: Bright Sunlight

Bleeding Heart Vine

Rs. 300.00
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