Birds Nest Fern

Rs. 450.00

Birds Nest Fern

Rs. 450.00
Product description

Birds Nest Fern, one of the most attractive ferns with large leaves.It has a unique ability to trap water to enhance its own store of humus. It grows at the base bearing its own rosette of leaves with firmly erected rhizome.

Keep it in partial sunlight as it is brilliant for indoors. In-fact best for  A/C rooms. Use soil only which is rich in nutrients, which is well drained and aerated, in other words use a porous potting mixture. Water only when you feel the top soil has dried. While, water it thoroughly during summers and vice versa during winters and rainy season.

When re-potting to convert several, use a new and fresh soil mixture as mentioned above and restrain from doing it late evening. Once done, keep it in shade for 2-3 days before shifting it back to lighted area.


Type: Indoor

Sunlight: Low to Bright


Birds Nest Fern

Rs. 450.00
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