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What is Green?

What is green….

Green is everything…..

Green is nature and green is nurture,

Green is every creature starting from a fish to a vulture.

Green is father and green is mother,

Green is love, sacrifice, and shelter.

Green is purity and green is serenity.

Green is our one and only Deity.

Clean India ….Green India….. Green living.

Indians are devout people who are sentimental about everything that environs us. We glance at the planet from a much different perspective as compared to our fellow world mates. For us, the god or spirituality resides in every being ranging from a trifling insect to a colossal rock. But, then why do we all conveniently forget to praise that one true thing that fosters and binds us together with everything that we hold so dear? The Mother Earth…Nature or what we mostly refer to as ….Environment.

It has been seen since time immemorial that nature is the one true clout that has the supremacy to create as well as destroy, the will to heal but also the power to impair and most importantly, the tenderness to nurture and the austerity to end all in a brush. But, why such extremities? Is it because we have for a long period ill-treated what we should have held dear. Nevertheless, this discussion of what it should have been and what it is, is a never-ending dispute, and if we had the luxury to recreate our past, would we have done differently is also a dialogue which none of us can count. But, one true thing that we have in our hand today is what we do with our present and future. It is very rightly believed that today is a gift and tomorrow is a promise of something more beautiful.

So, readers, let us take some of our precious time and join our hand in this initiative….. The initiative of promise….. Green India Initiative. We, at Ropan, are pledging one true allegiance to the god of all things bright and beautiful, our Mother Earth. Our one true motto is to plant life to assist our younger generations in planting the future of one and all mankind. Plants are alive if we perceive them that way! They have the ability to regenerate, reproduce and recreate humanity and all other life forms. They are basic link to any food chain, and the extent of their importance lies is in our inability to even breathe without their assistance to the entire life process.

Then, what stops us from contributing to this beautiful landscape?

Today life is extremely busy, and each precious moment always feels as it could create much more opportunities than we could possibly explore. So in such hectic life going to a nursery even near you feels like a mountainous task. So, here we are taking our oath very seriously in creating a green India by delivering the plants that you desire to add to your landscape at your doorsteps. All you have to do is sit back and relax and support us in our endeavour to create awareness and enlighten the world with the tangible benefits of green living!!!

Nurture Green!!!

Breathe Green!!!

Blog Credit,

Puruvi Sirohi


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