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Top 5 Plantable Diwali Gifts

Make way for the new era… this Diwali, go green with sustainable gifting!

The most awaited festival of lights, Diwali, is most often associated with spreading cheer and excitement! The mere thought of it brings a smile to our faces, and takes us back to countless memories over the years of bursting crackers, binging on sweetmeats, and immersing ourselves in family gatherings. But the growing concern of pollution and health hazards over the past years has brought with it the need for a new era of celebrating Diwali in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way. Imagine if your crackers don’t pollute, and in fact, help in reducing pollution or increasing green cover? How about our beloved mithai being upcycled into plants, rather than being tossed around as spares?!

This Diwali, Ropan plans to support initiatives of plantable Diwali gifts, which turn into lifelong companions- plants! We believe that our Ropan family is full of smart, caring, and kind individuals, who would also like to make a positive impact this year… and henceforth. So here’s a list of the top five items you can gift, and your loved ones can plant!

1. Beej Patakha or Seed Crackers!

These plantable crackers do not emit sounds, or explode into sparkling lights. But when thrown into earth, they burst into flowers and sprout into fruits and vegetables! These seed bombs, that are lookalikes of firecrackers, are made using exact replica molds of real crackers- using recycled papers as well as environment-friendly and non-toxic colors. Soak these crackers for 1- 2 hours, and then sow the seeds in wet mud to see them hatch into beautiful plants. These come in a variety of plant seeds, such as the microgreen ladi that comprises seeds of Red Amaranthus, Green Amaranthus, Senna, Tora, Radish, Mustard.. to others like the Beej Chakra, which act as onion seeds. On this note, you may also come across sutli bombs that bloom into roselles! So this Diwali, don’t burn a patakha, just look like one and also plant one!

2. Seed Sweets or Plantable Mithai

These innovative products resemble actual mithais in shape and color, but are not for eating! They are made to look like ladoos, cham-chams, barfis, and cookies, but have live seeds within them, harvested by farmers: from seed ladoos that grow into tomato or radish plants, to wheatless cookies that grow into brinjals, or even sugar free barfi that grows into Okra or Amaranthus. These plantable mithais are the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, which can be deliciously sown in soil or coco peat, and grow into gorgeous plants that bring in a fresh burst of energy and color to the home! This year, kuch meetha aur plantable ho jaye?

3. Plantable Greeting Cards

One of the things hardly ever used twice is a greeting card, although they come in with plenty of good wishes and love. Now, however, there are plantable greeting cards with paper made from biodegradable post-consumer waste, which when planted, grow into beautiful wildflowers! With no excess trees cut down, and no further harm to the environment, these cards make for a great sustainable gift- just plant it in soil, grow your flowers, and give your card a second life by gifting them to your loved ones. Season’s greetings, the green way!

4. Plantable Gift Wrapping Paper

There’s a lot of variety for stationery in the markets nowadays, but seed papers for gifting purposes? Yes! These are special, eco-friendly papers made from post consumer materials, embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds. These biodegradable papers have seeds added into them during the pulping process, due to which the paper has a rough uneven texture. A great and unique product for gift wrapping, one can use them without worrying of causing wastage or any harm to the environment. Gift wrapping never sounded this multifunctional, now.. dit it?

5. Plantable idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi

This Diwali, get home eco friendly Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi idols! These idols, which are made from natural red soil, are 100% dissolvable pals of the environment! You can place the idol in a pot with soil at the end of the festival; water it, and the idol begins to dissolve. Soon, the seeds take root in the soil, growing into healthy plants. That, friends, is indeed God’s work!

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