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How to Care for your Plants in Winter: A Ropan Guide

Christmas and New Year’s are popping in round the corner, and the festive spirit is further enhanced by the colorful blooming in the Indian sub-continent. While winter is the best time to plant seasonal flowering plants in almost all parts of India, one must definitely need to know about the tips and tricks to take care of non-seasonal houseplants. Whether you are caring for an outdoor garden or indoor houseplants, a few adjustments as the season changes will surely help in boosting your plant growth.

We, at Ropan, have compiled easy plant care tips and tricks for keeping your plant babies alive and fresh during the colder months of the year.

1. Increase Light

Are you worried that your plants have started to look dull? It’s probably because they are not getting as much sunlight as usual. Make sure that your houseplants are getting enough light during this time. Move them to an area where they will get enough warmth and sun. If the entire plant is not getting sufficient sunlight, rotate them frequently. This will ensure uniform growth. Make sure that they are safe from the chilly wind, as it can shock their roots and leave them dry on the surface.

2. Reduce Water

Watering plants during the winters can be a tricky task. Since the evaporation is slow, the water retention is also less during the winters. With decrease in temperatures, plants also require less amount of water. Before watering, check the soil by using the fingertip technique. Feel the soil’s surface by inserting the tip of your finger one inch in. Add the required amount of water if the soil is dry at this depth. Place small plates under your planters, which can collect excess water, so as to not overwater the roots- as it may cause rotting.

3. Be Mindful of Temperatures

Excess of anything can be harmful! This saying goes very well, while taking care of your plant babies. Curb the urge to bring your plants inside when you are sitting in that radiator zone. They will do more harm than good. Plants do not take sudden drifts in temperature well enough. A consistent climate makes them the happiest.

4. Keep them Clean

Just like your bodies, plants too must be maintained hygienically. A layer of dust on the leaves can stop the natural process of photosynthesis, resulting in slow growth of the plants. Wipe the leaves with a wet cloth. If your plants are small, dunk them gently in water and shake off the excess. Spray water on both sides to clean them well.

5. Decrease Fertilizers, Increase Pesticides

During the cold season the growth rate of plants naturally decreases. Hence you may refrain from adding fertilizer boosts to your plants around this time of the year. Let them grow naturally in their own space, and be patient. However, what you must be careful about are those nasty insects which may be hiding in the nooks of the stems. Thoroughly check for such pests and remove them by hand if possible. You may spray pesticides on your plants if need be.

If you found these insightful, keep returning for more care and guidelines! Additionally, you can come visit us at Ropan Nursery, Sector 76, Noida- and find plants in their best health- at super reasonable rates! For more information, corporate orders/gifting, resident projects, or any other large orders, you can always reach out to us via:




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