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Green Gifting - the 12 days of Christmas

The most awaited month of the year has already arrived, and what better way to bring in the Christmas and New Year celebrations than with the “ The Twelve Days of Christmas” gifting? This holiday song that marks the celebration from December 25 to January 6 symbolises love, happiness and brotherhood. Christmas is a festival of selfless giving and affection, so why not gift your loved ones something unique and special?

To make each of the twelve days special, we at Ropan, believe in sustainable gifting along the lines of our most loved Christmas song! It’s always fun to follow traditions… but what if we gave it a more practical and green twist for you? Ahead, we have compiled ideas for gifts and gift hampers for your loved ones that enliven the spirit of Christmas, in our unique, Ropan way!

Check out what all we include, and how!

1. A Partridge in a Pear Tree - the 13th

The idea of green gifting is always loved and appreciated. For the first verse, that already includes a juicy why not gift your loved ones a pear tree from your favourite local nursery? You can pair it up with a freshly baked fruity/rum cake, or gingerbread cookies for the most delicious present ever! Wrap it up in a beautiful bow for that special festive touch!

2. Two Turltledoves - the 14th

The first thought of Christmas brings forth in our minds a Christmas tree; so why not customise your second verse with an Araucaria tree from our nursery? Next, spruce it up with two beautiful turtledove ornaments. And voila! You then have at hand memories that will last way beyond the 12 days of Christmas.

3. Three French Hens- the 15th

What if I tell you that you can actually gift Hen and Chicks? Well, don’t be surprised, as at Ropan, we have beautiful succulents that famously go by the name of Hen and Chicks. These pretty looking succulents are the perfect gift for your third verse, as these are low maintenance and sturdy plants that almost everyone loves immediately. Customise your gift bags with three of these, and you can even add colourful pebbles around the plants in the pots, to make it more eye-catching and vibrant.

4. Four Calling Birds- the 16th

For the fourth verse, we have small Birds of Paradise plants, which go along well with the verse “four calling birds”. These gorgeous plants, which have flowers that resemble tropical birds, are apt gifts this Christmas season. Gift these in customised pots and/or grow bags, to make that perfect holiday present for your favourite people!

5. Five Golden Rings- the 17th

Round hanging baskets of the Golden Money plant, is the perfect gift for the fifth verse. Gift your loved ones flower baskets filled with up to 5 small Golden Money plants, and adorned with beautiful Christmas ornaments- a perfect gift for your loved ones to place in patios and balconies.

6. Six Geese a Laying- the 18th

Why not gift seeds of Gooseberry plants for the sixth verse!? Your loved ones can plant them with their own hands, and enjoy the satisfactory feeling of growing with nature. You can customise this within a Ropan hamper, with our beautiful range of planters, baskets, and grow-at-home package options. Don't forget to add a cake or cookie from our artisanal oven, to spread the magic of Xmas perfection!

7. Seven Swans a Swimming- the 19th

A unique gift for this Christmas would be a mini garden, and what better than one in the shape of a lake? Choose from our wide range of mini gardens or curate one yourself at our nursery! Customise your mini gardens with Christmas ornaments, colourful pebbles and stones, and seven swan ornaments to add that touch of traditional festivity. Here’s hoping for peace and harmony!

8. Eight Maids a Milking- the 20th

For the eight verse, why not gift seeds of a pretty milkweed plant, which they can grow on their own? These beautiful plants that are known to attract butterflies, would be a perfect gift for your loved ones. Gift them beautiful planters along with this, and our range of coco-peat and organic fertilisers, to inculcate and encourage wholesome gardening! The best gift of Christmas is surely one that can grow!

9. Nine Ladies Dancing- the 21st

The Dancing Doll plant, or the Fuchsia plant is the perfect resemblance for the ninth verse “Nine Ladies Dancing”. These plants, whose flowers have a pendulous teardrop shape, bloom in clusters. These flowers can be gifted as nine buds, in a beautiful planter or container. A gift to truly cherish, this gorgeous plant will keep the charm of festivities alive for a long, long time!

10. Ten Lords a Leaping- the 22nd

The Philodendron Black Lord plant is ideal to gift on the tenth day, for your loved ones. Going along the lines of this verse, this tree is an easy-care plant despite their rare status. Customise your hamper with a Philodendron Black Lord plant in a large, colour coordinated planter to amp up your perfect Christmas gift. We sure love the enigma that surrounds the austere look of this lovely plant! One could probably juice it up with some fairy lights along the planter boundaries, we think!

11. Eleven Pipers Piping- the 23rd

For the eleventh verse, the Piper plants or pepper plants are budget friendly plants to gift this season. Choose 11 for this day, from our wide range of small-sized planters for this peppy gift!; you can also pick from our assorted variety of homemade bakery items, available and readily customised on order basis.

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming- the 24th

Last but not the least…the final gift of the season should definitely symbolise growth, prosperity and harmony- so why not gift a Drumstick plant, more commonly known as Moringa? Moringa is also known as the tree of life, so what better gift than wishing your loved ones longevity and growth through this plant?! You may like to customise this through 12 saplings, coupled with some gardening accessories that will help your loved ones build this gift into a mini garden in their backyards!

That’s all, folks, for this merry season from us- and we wish you joy and good tidings as we progress towards the new year!

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