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Eat Your Landscape: A Practical Guide to Edible Gardening Design

Turn your garden into ‘A Delicious Haven’ with #edible #landscaping: with #sustainability taking the forefront of every conversation in our lives, the new trend in the market is to ‘plant our own produce.’ Let’s deep dive in!

It’s rather simple! With the all-new edible landscaping ideas courtesy, things have never been more fun and greener. Let’s uncomplicate. 


What is Edible Landscaping? 

Well, we are all aware what the two terms mean disjointedly, edible is ‘eatable’, and landscaping is ‘planning your garden or terrace corner’ with greener pastures. Coupling them, we get processes like planning a landscape, gardena, mini-garden, or terraces with edible, yet space-smart plants and cultivation. These plants can be from the indigenous variety of plants belonging to the family of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, flowers, seeds, or any other plant produce- like leaves that you can eat. It may not be farm-sized or large, rather, a small pot of celery or curry leaves on the window pane of your favorite corner. It’s that simple!

How do I start?

The key is to start with small initiatives of getting herbal or edible plants/saplings/seeds/cuttings, and stacking them in your favorite corners of the balcony and/or home. Most of them do not even require many hassles of watering or sunlight exposure; start with the simpler ones, as suggested by your local gardener, or a Ropan Green Buddy.

Why Edible Landscaping?

Now, more than ever, growing your own organic vegetables and fruits have taken a forefront of distinction due to their demands and essentiality. We, for one, can count a million reasons to grow our own edible greens:

  1. They are #healthy, for one, and they are fresh without the exposure to life threatening chemicals that most crops are infected with to increase production or ripening. 

  2. They are #environment-friendly and sustainable, as they add to the flora and fauna around us, especially in urbanized regions, where concrete has replaced trees.

  3. #Scenery: most plants add to the décor of the space, owing to their vivid textures and colors giving it the touch of serenity.

  4. Add a #Workout: planting can be a mental and physical workout, as we take out the time and energy to plant, water and nurture them- resulting in an energy exchange. 

  5. #Relaxation is the motivation that all of us require in today’s stressful life. Sit back with a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the fruits of your labor while you watch them grow little by little each day.

What can I grow in my backyard?

Some of the most beautiful edible landscaping plants in the market are: blueberry, strawberries, chillies, tomatoes, oranges, gooseberry, lime, pineapple, sapodilla and guava, and a variety of herbs like mint, celery, basil, thyme, lavender, oregano, carom seed plant et al.

Visit your nearest #Ropan #nursery or check online- even better- at, to bring it home and dip your fingers into the aromatic mud that drowns all novices of the city bustle.

Utilize your free space well, invest in your and your family’s future; and ‘sow seed’ to ‘sow hope’!

With Ropan’s #GreenIndiaInitiative and motto of #NurtureGreenBreatheGreen, you can also transform your outdoor space with landscaping ‘Good Enough to Eat’!

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