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Five best ways to take care of your plants like an expert!!

When it comes to caring for our plants, the most frequent questions that arise are: Why does my plant have such slow growth? Or Why does my plant not grow any flowers? Another area for concern is that the plants are getting infected with various pesticides or that the plant leaves have started to droop!

If you have ever faced any of these concerns while caring for your plant and wondered what the cause might be, worry not, there are a few common reasons for all of these problems. Read on and find out what might these problems be and the correct way to rectify them.

1. Not Enough Sunlight: One of the most common reason for your plant to have a slow growth is not enough sunlight. Some people might not receive enough sunlight in their homes during the day to keep the plants happy or the area where the plants reside do not get enough sunlight during the day. It does not matter if the plant is of Indoor or Outdoor variety, all plants need sunlight to survive. Even the Indoor plants have to be shown sunlight for a couple of hours each week. Different plants have different sunlight requirements, hence it is a good idea to research what is the optimum amount of sunlight required by your plant and adhere to it.

2. Root Rot: Root rot is a disease that attacks the roots of plants growing in wet or damp soil. This decaying disease can cut the life short of just about any type of tree or plant and has symptoms similar to other diseases and pest problems, like poor growth, wilted leaves, early leaf drop, branch die-back, and eventual death. One of the most common reasons for root rot is overwatering. A common misconception prevalent is that we should water the plant regularly on a schedule. This habit can lead to overwatering of the plant leading to accumulation of water near the roots of the plant causing the roots to decay which in turn leads to the death of the plant. Know the water requirements of your plants and only water them when they show the need for watering.

3. Not enough shearing: Shearing is the process of digging up the soil to create pockets of air supply which prevent the plant from suffocating. Usually, due to watering, the soil gets hard enough to prevent the air from circulating towards the roots of the plant which in turn suffocates them. Not enough shearing and overwatering will suffocate the plant resulting in its untimely demise, hence it is very important to shear your plant once a week to keep the oxygen circulating within it. Try adding a little coco pit to your plant. It keeps the soil moist for a longer time while increasing the water retention capacity of the plant. It also prevents the hardening of the top layer of the soil.

4. Salt in water: Another common reason for slow growth among the plants is excessive salt content present in the soil. As we use tap water for our plants, the salt content present in tap water differs from one area to another. Hence every time you water your plant, salt content in the soil increases. This is another reason as to why one should avoid excessive watering of plants as the high salt content in the soil slows down their growth.

5. Fertilize your plant: Adding fertilizers to plant occasionally, nourishes your plant and helps them grow fast. Fertilizers are basically nourishing food for your plants. Adding them in the right quantity provides a boost to the growth of the plant. Also adding fertilizers can improve the immunity of the plant thus preventing them from succumbing to various diseases.


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