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Best Winter Flowering Plants In India

A gorgeous, blooming flower always puts a smile across our faces, and when the weather outside turns harshly cold and gloomy, what better than a garden/terrace/balcony adorned with beautiful winter flowering plants? Why must you wait till spring, dear ones, when you can plant many perennials, annuals and shrubs that bloom during the coldest months of the year? These beautiful blooms are known for adding an exciting pop of color to the landscape, providing much needed cheerful tinges on winter days.

Confused where to begin? Don’t worry, Ropan’s got you covered! Ahead, we have compiled a list of the best winter flowering plants that will not only brighten up your homes and gardens, but also do so with minimal fuss and care needed from your end!

1. Gazania/ African Daisies!

Want to attract butterflies to your garden this cold season? Why not plant a beautiful Gazania? Often called African daisies, these elegant winter flowers are definitely known for adding multiple hues to your garden and backyard, with its wide range of colorful flowers- in shades of orange, yellow, purple and white. Also known as the Treasure Flower, these are hardy and low maintenance, which make them any gardener's delight. Give them plenty of sunshine, space and love, and see them bloom into stunning flowers making for a very beautiful environment!

2. Pansy

Make some space in your gardens and hearts for these cute little flowers, which come in a wide assortment of colors and bi-colors. These vigorously fast-growing flowers, with overlapping petals and face-like center markings, are go-to choices for winters in India. Often grown in container gardens or mass plantings around trees, or along garden walkways, these Pansies love cooler atmospheres, and are known to add tons of color in any landscape.

3. Garden Verbena

Verbenas, also known as Vervains, are beautiful flowers born in clusters, featuring brightly colored flowers in diverse shades. These winter flowers are widely used as bedding plants or low trailers in containers. With its vibrant color and versatility, these flowers often look as if a painter has splashed colors onto these plants! Adding brightness to your homes, these easy-care flowers are often used to decorate window boxes and hanging baskets for their quick-spreading nature.

4. Celosia

This charming garden flower, Celosia, with its feathery plumes (like a rooster's comb) are showy, decorative flowers. Renowned for its unique shape and size, these vivid flowers are widely used as brilliant cut plants, in decorations and landscape gardening. Because of their drought-tolerance, Celosias also make for good container plants. Known to brighten up gardens and yards in Indian winters, Celosias are often planted as flowerbeds- as its unique varieties make for a spectacular rainbow effect!

5. Petunias/Surfinias

Surfinia is a spectacular, cascading, hanging Petunia that bears hundreds of small, bell-shaped flowers. These beautiful, weather-resistant blooms are best for hanging baskets, window or balcony boxes, patio pots or in landscape gardening!

6. Madagascar Periwinkle

Madagascar Periwinkle is a cute, soft, spectacular plant, used as a groundcover or trailing accent in winters. Found in white, pink and lilac colors, these stunning flowers are tolerant of many growing conditions and are known for a carefree and adaptive nature. Also known as Vinea Rosea, these herbaceous, evergreen, tender perennials are also utilized in butterfly gardens and recreational play areas!

7. China Pink

A crowd favorite, China Pink flowers are often associated with love and divinity. These beautiful plants are loved for their adorable, fringed flowers in deeply saturated and patterned colors- with a heavenly, spicy-sweet fragrance. These flowers often birth in hues of pink, red and white, and are perfect for lining edges, flower beds and garden boxes .

If you find these tempting, come visit us at Ropan Nursery, Sector 76, Noida- and find these plants in their best health- at super reasonable rates! For more information, or large orders, you can always reach out to us via:




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