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7 Gardening Resolutions for the New Year!

New Year, new beginnings! 2023- number wise, the year spells 7 (2+2+3); and we've all started thinking about what we want to change about ourselves as this year winds down and a new one begins. Notably, we thought it would be a good idea to come up with seven gardening resolutions for you all! Let's not lay the blame at our own feet… but rather, make a concerted effort to ensure the well-being of our plant babies!

Want to make resolutions but are pressed for time? No need to fret; our experts here at Ropan have compiled a list of feasible and easy-going tips and tricks for keeping your plants looking their best all year long.

#1 I will buy the plant I can take care of!

We all get fascinated when we visit a friend’s house, and see a new vibrant plant or a co-worker’s desk brimming with potted ones. It's human nature to react emotionally by purchasing new plants, but here is where the vast majority of us go wrong. Too often, we wind up with plant purchases that simply won't thrive in our region. So let's make it a goal this year to learn the needs of each plant we want to bring into our abodes. As a side note, let's make sure our plants are getting the love and care they deserve.

#2 I will start a compost heap!

Rather than buying fertilizers from outside, why not make our own compost heap? A compost heap helps us recycle most of our waste without causing any repercussions to the environment. Instead, it improves our garden’s soil which boosts flower and plant growth. It can be made in the earlier months so that the whole year round you can have your own organic fertilizer!

#3 I will optimize light for my greens!

Light is very essential for the sustenance of any plant. If we don't know how much light each plant needs, we'll be doing our houseplants no favors. Any given plant species may have a slight preference for partial or full sunshine, but nothing will flourish in complete darkness. Let us resolve to stay away from places with no natural light or windows this year. It's also possible to make it a goal to arrange the plants so that they receive the amount of light they require.

#4 I will encourage wildlife in my garden!

Inviting more wildlife into your garden might be a fun new hobby for the coming year. Not only can these colorful insects and birds provide vibrancy to your gardens, but they may also play an important role in preventing the spread of weed seeds, pollinating your plants, and warding off pests. You can also attract wildlife by supplying basic needs like food and shelter. A simple bird feeder will go a long way in helping our feathered friends.

#5 I will NOT overwater!

When it comes to caring for houseplants, overwatering is the most common error people make. And there's the issue of watering blindly without a plan. While it's true that plants require water, that doesn't imply you have to water them every day. Some plants just require weekly watering. Let's take the time to study the needs of each plant and determine how often we should water them.

#6 I will start growing my own vegetables!

Very often, we feel daunted by the thought of growing our own vegetables. There is a widespread myth that growing one's own food requires a sizable budget, a large amount of land, or both. Many veggies, in fact, thrive in flower beds, border plantings, and even balcony pots. The plants fare well in containers and do not require a lot of soil depth. Let's create a pact to plant at least one vegetable or fruit this year!

#7 I will choose the right pot!

Part of keeping plants healthy and happy is ensuring they have the right environment to thrive in. Let's take extra care while picking out a container for our plants in the coming year. For your houseplants make sure that each pot has a hole in the bottom and a tray so that excess water can drain out and collect underneath. In addition, most plants will require some additional space in order to flourish. Check on your plants regularly and re-pot them as needed!

If you found these insightful, keep returning for more such tips and tricks! Additionally, you can come visit us at Ropan Nursery, Sector 76, Noida- and find plants in their best health- at super reasonable rates! You can also check out our extensive range of pots and planters for your homes or offices. For more information, corporate orders/gifting, resident projects or any other large orders, you can always reach out to us via:




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