We here at Ropan believe in keeping our Customers happy and satisfied at all times. Therefore, Ropan has a liberal Refund and Cancellation policy. Under this policy:


  • Requests for cancellation/refund shall be considered, only if they are made within 24 hours of placing an order.

  • Cancellation request shall not be entertained once the order has been communicated to the vendor.

  • Requests for refund shall not be entertained once the order has been delivered and received by the customer.

  • In case you feel that your order is not as per specification, please contact us at: support@ropan.in, within 24 hours of receiving your order.

  • In case of receiving defective or damaged product please reach out to us at support@ropan.in within 24 hours of receipt of product. Our Customer service representative will reach out to you to solve the issue.

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Write to us at support@ropan.in or Call us at+91 120 367 0808

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