“Our goal is to change the way people stay healthy”


         Ropan is a Hindi word meaning “Planting”. We at Ropan believe that having plant life around is extremely essential for one's personal rejuvenation and recoup. In today’s world of Global Warming, people are forced to breathe unhealthy air which results in a tiresome morning, stressful days and various diseases. We are a medium for people to buy and nurture plant life around them to generate a greener and cleaner environment in order to have a healthier future. Ropan facilitates people to buy different types of indoor/outdoor plants and inculcate the simple habit of living green.


Nurturing plants = Healthier Life


       Global warming in general terms is defined as increase of earth’s average surface temperature due to the effect of greenhouse gases such as, Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane, etc. These gases absorb heat and become the reason behind natural abnormalities worldwide. Global warming is said to be one of the biggest environmental issue, since last two decades. As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), it has been witnessed that the temperature is rising at a rate much faster than ever before. Human activities like deforestation, industrialization, burning of fossil fuels and pollution are considered as the key factors responsible for global warming today.


Our solution is to find the best possible way to regenerate healthy conditions in people’s lives, where they support the cause by buying and nurturing plant life through the medium of Ropan, in the name of #GreenIndiaInitiative by Ropan.


Trust us the only sustainable way to fight pollution is to Nurture Green!!!

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