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Dracaena Mahatma
Dracaena Mahatma Rs. 360.00 Rs. 400.00
Dracaena Mahatma, also known as the cabbage tree low maintenance indoor house plant that requires very little maintenance. This drought-tolerant plant requires very little watering and can thrive in low light conditions, Dracaena Mahatma like the rest of its family of Dracaena is an air purifying plant, thus making it a perfect indoor plant. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Part shade to Full Shade
-10% sale
Bunny Ear Cactus
Bunny Ear Cactus Rs. 405.00 Rs. 450.00
Opuntia microdasys is a species of flowering plant in the cactus family Cactaceae, native and endemic to central and northern Mexico. These plants are a gardeners dream for their low maintenance and interesting appearance. Water can be the death of the plant but it does need consistent moisture during the growing season. Water the plant when the top one inch of soil is dry. Allow the water to drain out of the pot and remove any excess from the saucer. During fall and winter, water lightly only every 3 to 4 weeks. Type: OutdoorSunlight: Direct
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Moon Cactus
Moon Cactus Rs. 400.00 Rs. 500.00
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii or Moon Cactus is a species of cactus from South America. The most popular cultivars are varied mutants which completely lack chlorophyll, exposing the red, orange, or yellow pigmentation. These mutant strains are often grafted onto the Hylocereus cactus, and the combined plant is called a "Moon Cactus".  Type: Outdoor Sunlight: Direct
-10% sale
Ficus Bonsai
Ficus Bonsai Rs. 1,350.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Ficus Bomsai, The ficus genus belongs to the family of mulberry plants and is the most popular indoor tree species for beginners at Bonsai. Shaped in an s-curved trunk, it has oval, dark green leaves. The leaves of most Bonsai ficus species have special pointed tips from which the rainwater drips off. The leaves can be of very different sizes, between 2 and 50 cm long (1 – 20 inches). The trunks have a smooth grey bark in most cases. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Bright Indirect Sunlight
-20% sale
Croton Petra
Croton Petra Rs. 320.00 Rs. 400.00
Croton is a perennial evergreen shrub, native to India and Malaysia.  Croton has thick, leathery leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes. As it ages, it's leaves may darken to almost black. Croton plants are popular due to its variety of stunning colours. One does not necessarily need flowering plants to add an extra blend of colour in their garden. Just plant a variety of croton and watch your garden come alive with a plethora of colourful magic. Type: Outdoor Sunlight: Bright/Full sun exposure
-10% sale
Money Plant Green
Money Plant Green Rs. 225.00 Rs. 250.00
Money plant is a perennial plant native to South-eastern Asia. It can be grown as either a trailer or a climber. The plant is called Money plant due to its round, flat, green, heart-shaped leaves, which resemble a coin. This plant is mainly grown indoors and is popular in many homes across the country. According to Feng Shui and Vastushastra, Money plant is one of the best plants to purify air polluted with chemicals from various cleaning solutions and Air conditioners/Refrigerators. It energizes the house by filtering in clean air and increasing oxygen flow. It is also believed that money plant is a symbol of wealth and good luck. Type: Indoor/Outdoor Sunlight: Does best in full, bright light
-10% sale
Areca Palm
Areca Palm Rs. 270.00 Rs. 300.00
Areca Palm also known as the golden cane palm is one of the most common house plants for bright interiors. Its is known as cane type palm because of its bamboo cane like stems once it’s fully matured. Apart from its tree like look areca is also popular for its ease of growth and it is quite easy to maintain. All it requires is adequate light and warm temperature. Also, Areca Palm was named as one of the best air purifying plants by NASA. TYPE: Indoor/Outdoor(Shaded Region. Avoid direct sunlight) SUNLIGHT: Bright Indirect Light
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buy syngonium silver goosefoot plants online
Syngonium Wendlandii | Silver Goosefoot Rs. 315.00 Rs. 350.00
Syngonium Wendlandii is much like its sibling the Syngonium Green in truest of sense. It too bestows a new meaning to modishness. The classic Syngonium Wendlandii is known as the silver goosefoot Syngonium and is an ideal plant/fern in terms of compatibility with closed spaces of offices and home. One of the distinguishing factors that are characteristic to the Wendlandii is the ability and alacrity at which they tend to creep alongside and would gradually take over the adjoining areas around it. The silver goosefoot is also known for its astonishing abilities to purify the air you breathe in. It has been scientifically proven that the air we breathe in our houses and offices is much more polluted than the environment. Hence, I would strictly suggest that you empty a corner of your living quarters for these little babies to maintain your health. After all health is wealth! However, much like its sibling, it’s best advisable to keep Syngonium Wendlandii out of the reach of children and pets as they might cause allergic reactions. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Semi-Shade/Indirect Sunlight
-10% sale
Syngonium Green
Syngonium Green Rs. 270.00 Rs. 300.00
Syngonium is elegance personified in truest of sense. Also known as the goosefoot plant, Syngonium is the ideal plant for any or every corner of your garden. However, beware plant lovers these small beauties have a tendencies to creep around uninterrupted in the most unruly way possible. In fact, this temperament of the Syngonium also enables it be one of the most lovable plants as it grows and spreads so quickly giving your garden or indoor plantation a complete dense look in no time. These beauties have the ability to purify the polluted air in no time and hence, they are in fact amongst the top 50 plants for air purifying ability. It’s a winner, no-doubt! However, it’s best advisable to keep out of the reach of children and pets as they might cause allergic reactions. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Bright Indirect Light
Schefflera Variegated
Schefflera Variegated Rs. 275.00
Schefflera or dwarf umbrellas are my favorite variety of plants as they have a stunning appeal and grace that brightens your each morning. Frankly, whenever I look at them I just can’t take my eyes off them. The Schefflera Variegated is natively a container or miniature plant that can beautifully sit on your table tops or corner shelves and yet never let you down. They are in fact one of the most drought tolerant plants that would sustain days of no water spell and yet not leave your side. They grow to be a maximum of 8-15 feet in it brightest bloom and require a perfect well drained soil for flourishing. Give them a shady spot of your garden or domicile and they will be more than happy to oblige you for a very long time. Soil: Variegated schefflera is drought-tolerant, and like most drought-tolerant plants it isn't very tolerant of sitting in water. The shrub needs a well-draining soil. Maintenance: Schefflera should be watered moderately. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between each watering. Spray the plant frequently with luke warm water if the air is too dry.Fertilize the plant from spring to autumn. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Medium Light/Bright Indirect Light
-10% sale
Snake Plant
Snake Plant Rs. 315.00 Rs. 350.00
If an award was to be handed out for tolerance and determination, snake plant would be one of the biggest contenders. This marvel of nature exhibits fortitude by staying strong and pretty with its elongated striped leaves even if you don’t water it for days. They hold on and patiently wait for your gratitude and care. A snake plant can almost survive in all conditions ranging from drought and low sunlight to minor insect problems. Snake plant is also known to remove formaldehyde and benzene from the environment pertaining to its air purifying disposition. They are “little Miss perfect” house plants. For plating them, they could effortlessly be grown from a cutting but require a perfectly drained soil as they can rot easily. Soil: Well draining pot soil mix. Maintenance: Snake plant requires infrequent watering  and is quite drought resistant. It can handle neglect moderately well however, excessive watering may be detrimental to the plants health. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Indirect Light
-10% sale
Money Plant Marble Queen
Money Plant Marble Queen Rs. 270.00 Rs. 300.00
Money Plant Marble Queen, A clamber by nature, the money plant Marble Queen is another variant of the evergreen and ever beautiful money plant is the Marble Queen. The significance of the money plant Marble Queen does not end at its extreme beauty. In fact, that’s just the start to its innumerous undeniable exploits. This plant has been scientifically proven as the air purifying plant that also brings wealth, prosperity and good luck to its senders. The plant ascends to a height of approximately 20-22 m and has glossy leaves that often appear to be a roughly drawn heart. Money plants are both auspicious as well as healthy, which is a rare combination not many plants possess. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Indirect Light
-10% sale
Money Plant Marble Prince
Money Plant Marble Prince Rs. 225.00 Rs. 250.00
The Marble Prince is however exclusively known to be a bedroom plant because of several reasons. Money plant is an extensive variety of plants that are suitable all households with absolutely no adjustment issues or hiccups. Primarily, the money plant marble prince cleanses air ofseveral hazardous pollutants such as Toluene, Xylene, Formaldehyde and many more. Also the marble prince often ignites romantic fire and brings love, luck, wealth and prosperity to the keepers. The plant due to its versatility and aesthetic beauty can be placed in every nook and corner of the house as it requires almost negligible care, water and fertilizers. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Indirect Light
-10% sale
Money Plant Golden | Devil's Ivy | Silver Vine
Money Plant Golden | Devil's Ivy | Silver Vine Rs. 225.00 Rs. 250.00
Money Plant Golden is an idyllic creeper/stalk that all and sundry, including me, loves to keep in their personal liberty. It belongs to the family of Epipremnum Aureum and has plethora of names including Devils Ivy, Golden Pothos, Ivy Arum and Silver Vine. Ideally, a Golden Money Plant grows to be 20 m tall with one or several aerial roots that gradually creep on the wall. Besides its natural aesthetic beauty, the plant is known for its ability to cleanse the environment of some extremely hazardous air pollutants like Benzene, Formaldehyde and Xylene. Also, the devil’s ivy can be placed in aquariums and often supplement as the aquatic plants for the cold blooded life inside it. Frankly, Money Plant Golden is my personal favorite plant when it comes to indoor placement. Type: Indoor Sunlight: Indirect Light
-10% sale
Elephant Bush, Jade Plant
Elephant Bush, Jade Plant Rs. 225.00 Rs. 250.00
Elephant Bush, As the name suggests, elephant bush is mostly native to the elephant land. But do not worry they won’t attract elephants to your home!!! These beautiful succulents grow up to a maximum of 15 to 20 inches and have beautiful small jade plant like leaves. Succulents are extremely low maintenance indoor plants that are exceptionally beautiful. The elephant bush has a beautiful tree like brownish green stem making them a preferred plant for bonsai. They have incomparable ability to regenerate as the long thick branches that often fall may result into small new plants. Hence, they end up growing in hordes or clumps make them look like bushes and ideal for indoor placement. They are probably one of my most beloved species of indoor plants due to their small, bushy shape along with those beautiful tiny pink flowers that grow in flowering seasons. Type: Indoor Sunlight: 4-5 hours of sunlight everyday

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