Top Ten Giftable Plants : Ramayana Edition

<b>Top Ten Giftable Plants : Ramayana Edition</b>

With Diwali 2022 right around the corner, we are reminded yet again of the fascinating world of the Ramayana. We seek analogies with its characters ever so often; so it only makes sense for a green brand like Ropan to associate plants with these exceptional mythological beings, isn’t it? Diwali symbolises the victory of light over darkness. And our plants, much along the lines of these ethos, depict the nurturing of positivity and happiness! On this note, here’s looking at the top ten plants that resemble and signify characters from the Ramayana- might help you uniquely figure out the best ones to gift your loved ones, this Diwali!


Standing tall, yet grounded like Lord Rama, the Ficus Bonsai is all you need to brighten up your Diwali!

A symbol of knowledge, peace, and unity, the Ficus Bonsai stands in all its true power and glory. Like Lord Rama, who is known for his leadership, strength, wisdom, and sense of justice, the Ficus tree is very forgiving and hardy in nature. A perfect gift for your loved ones this Diwali, the Ficus, will send across a daily message of divinity and enlightenment.


Succulents and loyalty go hand-in-hand, like Lord Hanuman- gift your loyal ones these timeless plants, this Diwali!

Feel free to give your loved ones beautiful succulents, known for endurance, much like Lord Hanuman, who remained devoted to Lord Rama throughout his life. Succulents symbolise enduring and timeless love, for they are tenacious plants- just like Lord Hanuman’s love and worship of Lord Rama. Being a perfect gift for your dear ones, succulents are also known to bring wealth, good fortune and prosperity!


Bring home the innocence and strength of Hibiscus this Diwali, like Luv and Kush!

Hibiscus is often associated with happiness, sunshine, love and affection- like the two sons of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, Luv and Kush. Born in an ashram, these two are often represented as pure and innocent, yet strong in nature. On a similar note, the Hibiscus tree flowers throughout the year, looks beautiful and sensitive, yet has strong roots that sustain it for many years with minimal care. Gift these beautiful flowering plants this Diwali season, which is also known to bring good luck and positive energy to the recipient’s home!


The Aloe Vera, like Jambavan in Ramayana, is the new age juggler. Give your loved ones the only plant they need!

The Aloe Vera, found in most of our homes, symbolises beauty, healing, and protection. Like Jambavan, who helped Lakshman revive through his knowledge of the all-curing plant Vishalyakarni, Aloe Vera is also known for its widely used medicinal benefits. A perfect gift for Diwali, these plants are not only useful, but also bring prosperity and freshness to their surroundings. 


Close your eyes in blind faith, and buy these plants this Diwali. Just like Sita, they vouch for beauty, elegance, and happiness!

A personal favourite for most, these gorgeous-looking Poinsettias are symbols of purity and divine grace, just like Goddess Sita. Beautiful, kind, good-willed, yet courageous, Sita depicted strength in her own way, much like the Poinsettias. Known for spreading cheer, positivity, and love, these sacred plants make for a perfect gift this Diwali season.

  1. ROSE

Smell the fragrance of love, courage, and purity with these beautiful flowers that match Jatayu’s bravery!

Like Jatayu, the Rose symbolises love, courage and purity of heart. These roses sing of Jatayu’s bravery and valour, who was killed while rescuing Sita. Bring home or gift these beautiful roses this Diwali, because… why not? They are everyone’s favourite!


Gift your friends the ultimate ‘friendship plant’ and renew those vows, like Ram and Vibhisan.

This festive season, gift your loved ones a beautiful Jade plant that symbolises the eternal friendship between Lord Rama and Vibhisana, who stood against his brother Ravana for righteousness and friendship. The Jade plant, which is selfless, robust, and loyal like Vibhisana, is also known for ushering in good luck and prosperity.


Cacti will stand by you this Diwali, whether you bring them home or give them as a gift, just as Garuda stood by Ram.

Like the mighty Garud, the cacti are also exceptional plants known to thrive in any circumstance. A perfect gift for Diwali, these cacti represent warmth, protection, and endurance like Garuda, who is known for his vigilance, power, and strength. Gift these cacti to your loved ones, demonstrating your appreciation of their undeniable spirit of strength, protection, and harmony.


You can never go wrong with a Monstera Adansonii this Diwali; the ultimate example of respect and love for family, just as Lord Laxman had for Lord Rama!

A perfect example of love, respect, and longevity, these plants resonate with Lord Laxman, who is known for his selflessness, sacrifice, and duty towards his family. These beautiful, big-leaved  plants are not only a delight to the eyes, but also represent deep relationships, making them the perfect gift for your family this Diwali season!


The plant we all need! Like King Dasaratha, the Chinese Money Tree, will bring abundance and luck this Diwali.

Known for being a kind ruler with compassion, courage, and a strong sense of justice, King Dasaratha was a man who represented strength, luxury, and valour. The Chinese Money Tree hails the same attributes as King Dasaratha, symbolising abundance, prosperity, and good luck. Known for its mature charm, power, and fortune, this plant gift will bring your loved ones good energy, happiness, and wealth!

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