A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Plants Nourished!
A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Plants Nourished!

As a newcomer to keeping plants, you might have imagined a simple pouring of water in sunlight to keep your plants healthy and alive, but as you tread further in the journey of gardening, you realise that there is so much more to it! Here's ...

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From Nursery to Home- The Journey of a Plant!

Have you ever wondered what it takes for a healthy plant to be delivered, from it’s home to yours successfully? It is just like shifting your house. You have to carefully pack your belongings in a protective manner so that no damage occurs, then have them transported ...

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<b>Top 5 Stress Relieving Plants</b>
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<b>How to take care of your Indoor Plants during Winters?</b>
How to take care of your Indoor Plants during Winters?

Winter is almost knocking on our doors. We have prepared the blankets, got our winter clothes "Dry-Cleaned", bought sweaters for our pets and have gotten the heaters serviced. We are almost prepared for the winters, but do not forget about our green friends!.....

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<b>8 Factors That Impact How Much Water Your Houseplant Needs!</b>
8 Factors That Impact How Much Water Your Houseplant Needs!

In addition to the type of plants you are growing, there is a whole range of factors that dramatically impact the frequency at which you will have to water your plants. Variation of these factors is why you should never water your plants on a schedule. Size Of Plant Larg...

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<b>How often should you water houseplants?</b>
How often should you water houseplants?

Watering houseplants can be a tricky thing to master. Some people like to water houseplants on a schedule, but this never seems to work out too well. Thankfully, we found some great tips that have transformed the health of our houseplants.

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<b>Stay Green! Stay Clean!!</b>
Stay Green! Stay Clean!!

Amidst the chaos generated by a global pandemic called Corona Virus (COVID 19), we all have been issued certain guidelines to be adhered to for all our safety. From social isolation to keeping clean we all have been doing our best to fight against this disease. Keepin...

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<b>The Most Capable & Popular Air Purifying Plants!</b>
The Most Capable & Popular Air Purifying Plants!

Choosing the right plant for your home can detoxify the air in your house. Certain indoor plants not only look lovely but also clean the air you breathe in. With winters once again looming ahead of us and 'Bad Air Quality' just around the corner, now is the correct time ...

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<b>Five Most Important Tips & Techniques to Take Care of Your Home Garden!</b>
Five Most Important Tips & Techniques to Take Care of Your Home Garden!

Plants, both Indoor and Outdoor variety, are lovely and aesthetically pleasing additions to any household. Apart from making a household look good, plants have tons of additional benefits which make it worth your while to bring a piece of nature to your house....

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